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Yeah, I have some questions; what makes him good? What moves would you recommend? How do I get in? When can I throw his GI out?
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I found something similar to Kiliks doom kick with Hei's 6A B 2_8
You can do 6aB to make it look like A+B and if you time it right you can step after 6A B has hit.
As far as I know though you can only cancel the step with A+B and nothing else...
I've no idea how safe it makes the step either.


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Yeah, I have some questions; what makes him good? What moves would you recommend? How do I get in? When can I throw his GI out?
He gets incredible damage off of launches and counterhits. (check the combo thread for the counterhit setups) There are several setups with guardbreaks like 4[A+B], A.A.(B), 6B.4A.B and 66(B) that all give you a guaranteed 66B → 236B which is a crazy 78 dmg each time. He has fantastic lows too, like K2 (with counterhit follows and floor hit) and 62[3]K~ which is a low string that's a freakin natural combo AND if they block it, you can mixup where you do the mid and it rings out. 9K.K is also a great mid-low that gives you a guaranteed hit. That's just low game, his mid game is insane with tons of fast and rangy launchers like 623B that are also safe and can give him 80-120 dmg easily. He has tons of movement options, techcrouches in a lot of his launchers plus including his 236 stance, and overall fantastic pressure that lets him stay close and mixup between deadly mids and throws that put you on the floor to eat more close-up mixups. Fantastic character, but not too many people know how to use him right. He's also prone to getting zoned out due to his poor range, but his ability to 236 over and over and guard cancel whenever makes your opponent almost never safe to whiff an attack.

Hope that helps. ^^ About getting in, you just need to find an opening and rush in with anything fast, Heihachi has 100 options it's just about finding the opening. About GI, I never use it so idk but I'll get back to you on that

When can I throw his GI out?
I've learned that his GI is actually an incredibly strong tool. It gets horizontal mids and highs, so mixed with sidestepping to avoid verticals, it gives you more opportunities to space your opponent and make it difficult for them to get in on you. Not only that, but it actually gives you lvl.3 soul-charge! That means he has access to his 10-hit combo, his kB unblockable, his 44A+B+K dodge from tekken, and tons of guard breaks! (which all give you a free 66B) His GI actually stays out for a huge window, making it real easy to connect but also punishable if you guess wrong. You can also use it some in strings where you know a horizontal is coming, but it's a bit slow so you're probably better off just using the universal 4G/6G ones.

In short, heihachi is awesome. I hope he doesn't get banned, lol
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