Hilde: Tech Traps

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Ok, So Hilde is one of the 'MOST' dangerous characters to tech against.
The reason for this is because any situation that leads into a tech trap, will also lead into her CE which will hit for 95 damage and catches every side. Since most of her tech trap situations are mostly 90'ish damage combos, this means that you will likely kill them with the trap if you've done like 65% already.
Basically, any time Hilde scores a knock down you likely will have a tech trap opportunity, however, some KDs require you to delay the trap far more than others.
Usually you're going to want to either do either your CE or a 2A+B as a tech trap tool, but depending on the KD, you may have time to do other stuff too like 66A+B after a raw C2B.

Good spots for tech traps: -
Air hit C3A
Grounded C2B hit (where they will have a ground bounce stun after the launch)
1K CHK(where the second K gives KD stun)

If you can't get them to tech, start throwing in 44K's to stop them rolling and force them to stand up.
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