How do you beat Taki's Possession Spam


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Just got out of a really frustrating set with a Taki player that spammed possession bs in a mixup fashion. I was playing sophi and couldn't find a consistent way to beat the spamming, i tried ducking and sidestepping i tried RE and GI but they just mixed up the options each time i found something that stopped them.... any way to beat this that i am just too stupid to figure out for myself?


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Just 2A and GI, her damage is a bit low so it's ok to miss GI or whiffing 2A. RE doesn't help much due to she can change her mix up


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What is PO A on block? Like, it beats step and knocks down at i12, and you guys want a actual throw game from PO? Hell nah, you're fine.

Also, 2A/Low Tech shit I try gets beat anyway, it's enough the unblockable is impossibly fast online (and A will kill your step). Taki may not be strong, but with Astaroth... like wut?


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PO A is -12. I saw that info on Aris video checking her out and he had a program that showed frame data as he was playing


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PO A, PO 2_8B, PO 2_8K are all punishable. She cant really spam and yes, she should have throw options. She’s had them since earlier SCs and shes never been over powered.


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As a Taki player. I find it funny to read this post. PO has not a single option she can spam legitimately.
If she did, you weren't making the right decision and/or being being too passive.

There's nothing that's BS about it.

Not trying to bash on you or anything, but the fact that you call this player out for spamming you. Then go on to admit that every time you chose a different counter-option, you were just re-countered. Means this player was literally reading you or at the very least switched up their options enough to accidentally counter you consistently. I mean.. c'mon.

Anyways, that's a integral part what Taki's are supposed to do in PO stance. Read and Guess what the opponent is going to do and choose the option that covers that. What likely happened, is you were being outplayed and not spammed.

In the event something was being spammed? I could only assume she was doing PO.A4, A4, A4, A4...
That's the closest thing she has to a spam-able option. However:
- It's a High, which means it's able to be ducked.
( Which allows you to duck it and punish with a crouching/full-crouching attack. And even a While Rising attack,)
- It's -16 on Block.
(Free punish. Especially for Sophie. Considering 236+B is i14 and gets you anywhere from 30 - 55 dmg without Soul Charge & 33- 68 dmg with SC on.)
- It can be RE'd
- It can be GI'd
-You can even be cheeky and go for a throw attempt

My suggestion to you, would be to hit the lab and record her PO options and see what you can do.
Here's a link to Sophie's Frame Data to help serve as your guide.


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She is shit. if you are having a hard time dealing with Taki i suggest that you get assassins creed and batman games and stick to those.
Sorry, delayed response. Thanks for the suggestion, but I'll stick with VF (if you play, hit me up on PSN: Sebopants), I like it when my main doesn't have too many whiffing mids or dealing with guard breaking nonsense lol.