Ivy Frame Data Discussion Thread


[10] Knight
Me and my friend found out frame data for some of ivys moves, as with a lot of ivys moves there may be a 1 or 2 frame difference when the moves are used further back or right on tip range, it took so long to test everything some moves we just determined if they are safe or not and didn't work out how much of a negative they have, if i just say a move is safe on block then im sure that its atleast under -11 because ivys i11 4B wouldn't punish it when I tried to punish as close as possible to each other

Frame data

I think WS K is i15

8B+K,K: safe on block, +3 on hit
3B: -16 on block
3K: -12 on block
4A+B,B: managed to get the final hit of 4A+B,B to hit on its own to test how powerful the guard break is as a hit on its own, unfortunately i don't know how much adv it gives if blocked but i did find out that it doesn't give enough to give a guaranteed attack after at that range(mid-far range)
66B: safe on block
22_88B: safe on block
44_33_99B: safe on block
66(B): -16 on block( if you enter the stance and press G to cancel it straight away)
22_88(B): -16 on block( if you enter the stance and press G to cancel it straight away)
44_33_99(B): -16 on block( if you enter the stance and press G to cancel it straight away)
23K: safe on block, +5 on hit
1B/11_77B: safe on block, -4 on hit
1(B)/11_77(B): -15 on block
SW 2A+K/22_88K: -23 on block
1A+B: Safe on block
FC 3B: Safe on block, +3 on hit
FC 3(B): -16 on block -1 on hit
WP A+K/SE 2A: -21 on block
SR B: -23 on block
SR BB: -11 on block
ST 2A: -21 on block, -1 on hit
SE B: If the last hit is the only one that hits the opponent and is blocked it gives +27 or +28 advantage because 1_2_3 B+K is guaranteed after (i27) but 6(B+K) (i29) isn't

Edit: ST A+B is +21 on block and ST B,6B,4B,6B,4B is +23 on block

Below are also the guard break strengths of moves that become guard breaks through soul charge, this doesn't have to be added to the wiki because ill be adding it into my "ivys additional move thread" that ill make when i have chance that will have useful information that may not be in any wikis including soul charge boosted moves, hidden moves i know, step kill moves, moves that hit grounded and which of these moves catch opponents rolling on the ground, i would however suggest that the frames for the moves above be added to the wiki please :)

Soul charge guard break move frames

1(B)/11_77(B): +19 on block
1_2_3B+K: +15 on block

44_33_99B/44_33_99(B): +37 on block (up close 44B+K (i37) is guaranteed if you are quick but further back 44B+K will never connect)
3(A+B): (release after small delay) +17 on block
FC 3(A+B): (release after small delay) +17 on block

Hope ive helped out, ill get the rest of my info down in the thread ill create when i have chance :)
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