Just frame Bpm training.


[09] Warrior
This is a guide to training to use just frames the same way a concert musician (or most professional musicians) train to play a song at the correct tempo.

I've played piano for 24 years at this point.

Step 1 is to set up a metronome at the desired tempo
1A:A:A = 163.63636... Bpm, 164 works better than 163.
1B:B = 211.764706 212 works best.
3B:B, B+K:B, and 3B:B:BE = 240 (exactly 240 making them the easiest)

A:G:B and 3A:B are irrelevant because it's just the fastest input... But it would be 3,600 Bpm given there are 3,600 frames in a minute.

Step 2. Practice your song or just frame to the beat of the metronome. Spend a good hour doing it.

Step 3. Play your song or perform your just frame without the metronome.

Unfortunately in the world of music notes will play even if they're off beat and if you can't tell by listening that it's off you're sol (okay not really there are a lot of programs that will let you know how accurate you are).

fortunately just frames let you know, within a 3 frame window for most (the timing based frames usually do but the 3,600 Bpm frames are just about being fast), if you're correct or not.

If you follow these steps for just frames you'll eventually do them effortlessly. This can be applied to any just frame by dividing 3,600 by the impact frame since the just frame input is on impact with the exception of fastest input attacks like mare and seigs a:G:A, cervy's qcb(214)b (2,1,4+B), or aPats a:G:B.

Hope this helps.