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Now, i don't have time to create anymore, so this is my entry for superhero, this is the most kick-ass superhero i know of :

Nunchuk-in-your-face Kick-Ass :

Penhouse appartment finale Kick-Ass :

Punchline Kick-Ass :

Entering this contest with my Hellboy would be unfair ;o)


[09] Warrior
Harley Quinn posses super human (not like superman but very high for a human being) strength, agility and immunity to most poisons and toxins due to Poison Ivy's injections and the original outfit is not sexy like the ones in arkham city and asylum is just a red and black jester costume, she is my favorite comic character of all time


[09] Warrior
That i can tell ;o)
You like my version ? is it Arkham city or Asylum ?
yeah very wicked Harley instead of crazy.
It's kind of a mix between the two styles, most of the costume is from asylum and some color from arkham city, everything with your personal touch rielaboration, very pretty


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I thought this contest was for originals... so why am I seeing unoriginal characters?
Anyway, I probably wont enter, or update my gallery, or do anything else.
Things came up.


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Finally finished my super hero. A character design I doodled up a little while, but never made a CaS for. Never really thought of calling him a "super hero", but he could totally work as one!

Red Moon
RedMoon (5).png

RedMoon (3).png
RedMoon (4).png
I know the design is simple, but that is the intention. He was origanlly supposed to be half-red and half-black, but the FRICKING-FRACKING UNDERGARMENTS can't be colored red... and he's not "Magenta Moon" so black pants will have to do.

His powers are morphological... like he can move around as if he has no bone structure, dissolve into the darkness, and morph his arms into blades. He also defies gravity, i.e. is very floaty. Using these powers, he fights with... hold it... hold it... DANCE!... Yup. Mostly ballet, so Viola works for a style. Also Voldo, 'cause his dancing has the kind of rolling around on the floor that Contemporary dance has.
RedMoon (2).png
RedMoon (1).png

His "secret identity" I guess... is Rory Romani, 15 year-old ballet dancing prodigy, who is shunned socially for being a male ballet dancer. His mother was a dancer; and is dead, his father doesn't approve of dancing. He was walking home alone from a recital that his father didn't attend, WHEN-- (radioactive blah blah) LUNAR ECLIPSE--(super powers blah blah). Now he fights crime... yay...
Rory (1).png
Rory (3).png
Rory (2).png
In ballet practice attire, the Boxing Trunks clip with the tee, so Simple Half Pants works. Kung Fu Shoes have to work for the ballet slippers, as do the crappy stickers for th ties. The Capris underwear are rolled up tights as wearing gym shorts over their tights are common when practicing.


[09] Warrior
Seems to be a little tension... Lot of energy. You know who likes energy? This guy!

Who is this guy? Well this is a little lovely I call Kruzh. Kruzh as you may see is pretty heavily based off of Bane simply in that he's big and filled with Titan juice. But Kruzh is a lot different from Bane in that his powers are exceedingly more destructive than Bane could ever imagine. Kruzh's super power is Kinetic Manipulation and Absorption. With every bit of energy he gets, he becomes stronger. Now if you know simple physics, you'll know even a simple stroke of the keyboard generates energy... And he eats it like a fatty~ Kruzh is filled with Titan as seen in his eyes, veins, and that lovely little doo dad in his chest that he can turn up and crank out more and more.

Titan serves as the means of the absorption. The more he pumps into his body by cranking his thingymajiggerboogin, the more he can absorb. Like say he has it set on 1.0, he won't be able to absorb a heavy blow to where if he had like 4.0, he could absorb that but not anything below it. Kruzh would be considered Neutral simply because he doesn't have much mental capacity for morality. He just likes to crush things! :D

Now if you looked at the design, you've noticed that peculiar little necklace he's wearing. This both saves him and limits him. Where Kruzh is constantly absorbing energy, it just stores in his body. However when he would get to critical level, the pendant would allow him to store the rest of the bulk with no danger but also no real way to use it. Like say he took a full blown meteor to the face. If he had the appropriate setting, he would take a small part of that in him and the rest would faithfully be stored into Mr. Pendant guy. However without the pendant, Kruzh would have godlike power. Even a foot step would split the Earth a mile long. He would be invincible and more dangerous than Galactus. But this can only be handled for a short time because Kruzh isn't a super anything... He's a human. After a certain amount of time the energy would be too much for the Titan to handle and would cause Kruzh to explode, then implode and annihilate any planet within a solar system's distance, (Depending on how much energy is store of course.)

Who knew a typical mindless henchmen could be so dangerous?

And sorry for the single picture. I had 3 and for some reason only one transferred. Instead of going through and getting them again, I'm just going to be lazy aha! If anyone wants to see more, feel free to ask I guess.


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[09] Warrior

Name: Gregory Harlan
Hero alias: Hu-Sheng (Tiger Saint)
Powers/Abilities: Super strength, speed, agility. Tiger senses.

The plane crashed over Malaysia left lone survivor Gregory Harlan barely alive. He was only 11, and as he staggered out of the remnants of the plane, breathing what should have been his last breaths, he wondered if his life had been sparred, or if he was cursed to live the last moments in his life in agony. Gregory looked unto the sky, and at the corner of his eye he spotted a large Tiger. As the wreckage continued to burn, the two could only stare at each other, wondering who would act first. The tiger walked towards Gregory, and through his mind he could only think "Is this how I die? As an animals easy meal". Yet it only laid by Gregory, as if it was pitying him, giving him company through his pain.
He survived. But how? Was it the animal that gave him a will to live? Was it this tiger that gave him another chance? He followed the tiger, and the two lived together for 15 years, and during that time Gregory found that he had gained amazing abilities. He had great strength, outstanding agility, he developed the senses of a tiger. For that reason they were able to live in the Malaysia jungles, until one night, while hunting with his companion, they found 5 poachers, with the intention of killing and taking Gregorys long time friend. The gun was fired, hitting the tiger in its stomach. Without time to think, Gregory took up his spear and stabbed and killed all 5 poachers. And with that there was silence. Gregory laid by the tiger as he did him 15 years ago, hoping that the tiger would survive just like he had.
It didn't survive. For days Gregory wept for his friend. How do you live without someone who was with you through most of your life? Once someone who you loved more than yourself passes, how can you move on? Gregory had found an answer. He would begin a new life. He named himself Hu Sheng ( 虎圣 ), and paid homage to his lost friend by wearing his skin. Hu Sheng vowed upon the Tiger that he'd protect the Malaysia jungles from poachers and keep it's people and animals safe. He is sometimes spotted by the residents, and poachers are often found tied to trees where Hu Sheng was last spotted.
My first contest entry here. Hope it did well.


[13] Hero
Well, just to give my 2 cents I'll resubmit one of my old characters reconverted as super-hero

Name: Samael
Superpower: Spellcasting
Status: Vigilante
Story: As many other abandoned children, he was taken by the church. Due his natural talent for magic was choosen to be part of the Exorcist. An special forces created to fight supernatural creatures that defies God's Will. Was trained in martial arts, spellcasting and during years fought following "God's Will". But as usually happens, things are not always what it seems. The extremism of the Exorcists leaders collided with his good heart nature. So he ended leaving the church. Now pursued by both enemies and old companions he continues alone his fight agaisnt the evil.



PD: As always forgive my eng.


[12] Conqueror
So I canned my character and made a new one (based on his alter ego which I liked more). The pics turned out really terrible and don't do him justice :<
I hope I don't regret it like last time. Actually I think I'll I might go back to the other one if an ending date is revealed :P

El Muerte
Alter-ego: Ricardo "Ricky" Rodriguez
Alignment: Neutral
Abilities: Super human power and speed, super detective skills, flight (using jetpack), laser beams (using mask).
Style: Devil Jin.


A ruthless ex-criminal turned cop and a one-man army. He won't hesitate to kill with the least motive, for this reason he wasn't given the standard issue firearm. His hand-to-hand skills are unrivaled and his jetpack makes him unstoppable both on land and airborne. Unbeknownst to most, his mask allows him to shoot laser beams from the eyeholes which he uses either as a final resort or quick knock outs or disarms.
He is very protective of his identity for unknown reasons. The only person who currently knows his identity is the police commissioner and his direct boss Commissioner (P. Pete) Patrickson, who used that to get him to join the cops. It's presumed that a similar reason made a lone wolf like him join a crime ring, which he disbanded just after the boss died.

A simple cop uniform without the jacket/shirt and the hat. The top is actually black and so are the kneepads (shoes and gloves too).
The thing on his chest is the police emblem. The chain is supposed to resemble handcuffs.


And here's the jetpack. Having a jetpack makes his in-game flight moves natural. I don't like the restrictions on the size caused by the horns not getting any lower. I might change the pattern.


Quick and generic. Trench coats are always cool though, and it makes him look bulkier which suits a bad guy and a bruiser.
He has a skull shaped burn on his chest, which gave him his name. The long chain is meant to replace the hand cuffs. I gave him the wrapped stomach at first, but unfortunately it clips awkwardly with half of the belt :<


Forgive me whoever I stole this from, but aside from the jetpack he is equipped with a hidden gun.



[12] Conqueror
Updated my entry with subtle changes to the look and bio. Also I'm now entering with both looks since I liked the other one as much if not more.


[10] Knight
Alright! Now that I have the uniform pack, I can accuratly recreate the superhero I wanted. I had this concept for a T.V. show a few years ago (not that I could ever have it produced) that involved the idea of Catholic shool girls and the Power Rangers formula.
The story goes... that Janet Magdelene was an average girl going to a private Catholic school until one day she was escaping would be rapists in the form of "foregin" buisness men (you know the ones I mean - rather than say it, I'll imply it, that way I've made YOU racist by proxy for having thought it) and fell down a "rabbit hole". Whilest there, she managed to find a box with an aremaic inscription and opened it to find the spear of destiny. God spoke to her, stating she is a hero for God and it was her duety to find four others who will also inheret ancient artifacts. So began Janet's journey to find the other girls. They would be known as the Templar Girls (cue opening music for "Go Go Templar Girls: For Jesus!!)

P.S. I'm not a Christian or Catholic, I promise... regardelss of the past few entrys I've made. I'm Rosecrutian