Mina Versus the world!


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There should be a match up thread so here is one.

What moves doesn't Mitsurugi's jumping guard break go over? What attacks do you use on Sophitia's nonexistent hitbox? What counter do you have against Ivy's range game? What quick attacks can you use to punish/ch Kilik's push back? What do Azwel do? Wry Nightbare blow up? What do you do with a Maxipad that's in your face? Why aren't Mina mirror matches not as annoying as others claim? How do you get more bars for the interwebs and what tube do I need to find? Is there a cure for balding cats?

Post your strats when dealing with all the other broken nonsense in this game.


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Mistu 77_88_99 A+B (Jumping GB): 8A+B (need to be done when Mistu is at his aper
Sofitia: She has normal hitbox, but what might throw you off is that most of her tools will have a tech crouch, which means that she dodges most of your Highs. You will need to limit any high attacks or only use them as punish against Sophitia
Ivy: 6A and 1B are the most common punisher against Ivy. You want to be either outside of her 66[A] or her ground grabs. B+K to get close to her, but you need good judgemnt on where you land since the recovery is bad
Nightmare 6A+B: 2K is the only move fast enough that will cancel it on reaction. However, since better nightmares will mix-up this move when they know you will reply with lesser moves, you can only try and predict when he will use it. 3B can also be used, but less time to react Vs 2K.
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I think that reversal edge is a key tactic to be utilized by Mina players due to her limitations at close range pressure.

Currently my main techniques when I am getting pressured are dropping a 2A followed by rising AA, rising K, or crouched BB. Throwing those in every once in a while, and then dropping in a rising BK escape is a good way to maintain decent space.

Worse comes to worse if I am really getting pressured, and the other techniques don't work I will try to escape using reversal edge.

In general I find that my biggest struggle is Groh players, but that may just be as he is a new addition and I am not used to his move set yet. Talim can also be troubling once she gets in.

On a side, I think Mina is a great match up for Ivy.


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Someone asked about Groh. Basic anti-Groh is that most of his stance transitions (that aren't GBs), are punishable/interruptible by i12s. So in Mina's case, 2A him. As far as I know, the only plus on block non-GB transition he has, is 4A, which is a slow hori mid. The stance BB is a frame trap on block there, but 2A will still win vs the other options.

66BB, (sidestepping tracking vert string), is GI-able in between. 66AA, (that annoying sidestep TC horizontal knockdown string), the string jails, but is -12 on block. (used to be -14 prepatch).

In Soul Charge, generic Groh players like to teleport all over the place. Sidestepping beats both the divekick and the up teleport. And you can duck/TC on reaction to the Horizontal GB. It's High.


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Does anyone else have trouble with the Cervantes matchup? It could be I'm just not familiar enough with the character or I'm being consistently outplayed, but I feel like iGDR forces me to be even more defensive/passive than usual because it stops me from applying pressure at mid/long range. I'm also so scared of using 2A because of Cervy's LH 2A+B.