Multiple Offline gatherings ( June 2014 ) Toronto


[10] Knight
I don't give a fuck what happens and continues to happen. Everything in this forum is irrelevance.

On to important matters.

I will be hosting multiple days this month ( june ). Each day will be all day so time means nothing.

I have 2 projectors 2 ps3's and 2 monitors. We'll see how much is needed later. I may ask for a ps3 or 2.

Soul calibur, weed , drinks ( if you want ) food, friends and hype that's what i offer you.

let me know if you are interested.

I can accommodate up to 10 people, Maybe more but we'll leave it at 10 for the first one to see.

No hard feelings no brain-dead meaningless drama. Fun and calibur all DAY!.

I'm excited, if you're not a bitch make sure you come.

Jerk King

[09] Warrior
I'm available every Thursday and Friday all day. I want at least one great sc bbq before the summer is up.