PC Network Issue: Dropped Mid Match if a Spectator Leaves


[14] Master
There have been a few times now where the match I'm in drops when a spectator leaves.

I'll be in a lobby, in a match, and if a spectator leaves, sometimes it will just drop the match entirely and kick everyone back to the lobby.

This is against people I've been playing consistently smooth matches with, but then when a spectator leaves -BAM DC for both parties.

Has anyone else experienced this?


[10] Knight
Yes, this is a problem on XBOX also. Had several disconnects in a casual room when people entered and left, and sometimes when I was spectating a match I got stuck on the stage selection screen until the match finished and I was returned to the lobby. They really need to do some additional work with the online component.


[08] Mercenary
The lobby system has so many issues. Disconnecting if the host or spectator leave. Not cycling the players if one person doesn't ready up before the timer is up. Sometimes it will even take you you out of spectator mode mid match making you wait at a boring chat screen until the match is over.


[01] Neophyte
I haven't had a session that this didn't happen. Even more consistent crashes when the host leaves.