Run counters adding stagger

What is your opinion on run counters adding a stagger?

  • I do like staggers added to run counters

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  • I don't like staggers added to run counters

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  • I don't really care

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  • I have mixed feelings on it

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[04] Fighter
I've noticed there's mixed positions in the community on run counters in SC.

Resources I found say SC always had run counters but as extra damage but the stagger on CH was added in V and is still in VI.

Some public figures like Aris seem pretty outspoken against the idea of the stagger on run counter. Others seem to just accept it or not comment. Some defend it as part of the necessary balance.

I'm just trying to get a sense of are stagger on run counters controversial, or is it pretty lopsided in one direction? Thanks for the input.