SC6 wishlist. How would YOU design it?

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WARNING! Wall of terrible English incoming!
----------------------------------------------Battle System and such -----------------------------

I like how it is in SC5 – keep it (meter, Critical Edge, Brave Edge, combos), just return some of missing moves for characters that lost them.


Keep all chars from SCV and add:

1(a must): Zasalamel, Talim, Yun-Seong

2(preferred ones): Shura(with unique moveset using two nodachi), Revenant(or someone using waveswords)

3(just a good addition): Taki (with LostSwords moveset adapted for decent game), Setsuka, Sophitia, Cassandra(with one sword, without shield), Kilik(with actual moveset), Seong-Mina, Rock etc

If you need explanation for their existing on character select screen, then just add flashback moments in story or make them some sort of “bonus” for leveling or whatever.

New characters: some Kusarigama(, Double-sword(examples: and, some non weird claw-user and non-orthodoxal weapons users are appreciated.

----------------------------------------------COSTUMES -----------------------------------------

All chars should have third (and even four) costume (actually usable, unlike SC5 Night, Sieg and Cerv). For SC2-4 chars it could be their old P1 and/or P2 from previous games, for SC5 newcomers it could be their unused concept arts.

Also some characters could have alternate variations (different appearance and/or personality but same moveset, of course placed in same slot, could be selected like costume but by pressing up/down(when character is already selected) and left/right for costumes as it always was) eg: EdgeMaster-Olcadan, Elisyum-Sophitia(both not mimic, using LostSwords moveset adapted for a decent game), Alpha Patroklos-Setsuka, Cervantes-Inferno (it is already in the SC5, but unusable), Astaroth-Rock, Yun Seong-Hwang, Zasalamel-Abyss, Kilik-Seong Mina(using Kilik+SeongMina unique moveset, not Xiba’s monkeyish one), Raphael-Amy, OmegaPyrrha-Pyrrha(Omega's moveset, because there will be Sophitia and she has NormalPyrrha’ish moveset), Siegfrid-Siegfrid!(who rememer SoulEdge?).

There should be difference between CE visual effect (CE itself should have same startup, animation and damage, just little visual difference) for Omega-NormalPyrrha, Siegfrid-Siegfrid! and aPat-Setsuka: Omega have red final blow and Pyrrha white-blue, aPat have white-blue glowing animation on startup and ice bayonets in after-strike and Setsuka have animation of her CriticalFinish from SC4 but with three after-strikes (just slashes, without magic things), Siegfrid have his CE from SCV and Siegfrid! has the same but with flame-pillars.

----------------------------------------------Offline modes ---------------------------------------

1(a must): Tutorial mode – should explain basic mechanics, designations and terminology of the game (maybe even some little combo trial(1-3 simple combos) as one of final lessons for combo-orientated characters); add in Training mode ability to just select one move from movelist for opponent to continuously perform, also for move demonstration add input displaying for understanding of timing(especially for justframes); Arcade mode with Destined Battle, Boss Battle, Secret Boss and Endings for each character (maybe even input and no-input versions for each ending).

2(good addition): Tales of Souls mode with/instead of story mode, Tower mode from SC4, Soul Arena mode alike SC3.

----------------------------------------------Online modes ---------------------------------------

Better Netcode, all rooms available in player match should be showed at-once, in colosseum mode connection with player should be displayed before we challenge him/her.

Also for player match add option to completely off creations, and opposite to make creations-only rooms, ability to add rule 3/5 wins pass, to make someone else in the room the host and spectator mode for host (online-tournament purposes). Also for room searching add option: show both mics and no-mics rooms.

----------------------------------------Versus (both online and offline) --------------------------

Add a team battle mode (like in SC2) with two variants: one player uses multiple characters and opponent as well and Team of players VS Team of players.

----------------------------------------------Character Creation----------------------------------

A) Customisation/creation must not affect character stats and gameplay.

B) All items from SC3, 4, 5, BrokenDestiny and LostSwords and all normal characters' items+ something new.(of course at least 1/3 or even 1/2 of this will be DLC, i have no illusions about this)

C) There should be only two sizes available: recommended and mimic size. (balance purposes)

D) Take all the faces from SC3-5 and divide them on parts giving us the opportunity to choose the eyes, nose, cheekbones and lips separately

E) Facial hair as a separate option (moustache and beard are selected separately)

F) Ability to select mood on our character’s face

G) More voices moods, but their lines should be selected apart of their temper (more lines also). Also some silent option and some nonhuman incomprehensible noises (eg: inferno).

H) We should be able to select separately front hair(can be divided into left/right), back hair and whiskers(can be divided into left/right)

I) Hairstyles should be adjustable: hair length(greatly for most of the hairstyles, slightly for some of them, and very few could not have adjustment for lenght) and for some of them position (eg: ponytail into sidetail or lowtail or anything else, same for twintails, braid, etc) ie flip them as you want

J) Also ability to use two hairstyles at same time eg: bobcut+ponytail, longhair+twintails, twinbuns+frenchbraid etc. Of course you still can use anything on its own.

K) Length of back hairstyles(1 and 2), front hair and whiskers are adjusted separately

L) Solve clipping problem

M)Fix the floaty issues and compatibility problems (there should be a little % of incompatible things)

N) armor customisation consists of: head, ears, hair accessories, additional hair accessories (for tails, braids and such), mask(upper), mask(lower), mask(full), underwear(up), underwear(down), underwear(full)(including body hair, full scarred body etc), mid torso, upper torso, arm, shoulder, neckwear, waist, lower leg, upper leg, shin, socks, foot, special equipment(slot 1, 2, 3).

O) Ability to “unpair”: use different arm equipment for left and right arm (or pair something that is supposed to be on one arm(eg: gladiator’s manic)), same for shoulders and some special equipment. Also for paired special equipment make actual horizontal slider and separation slider.

P) Give us ability to make one arm and/or leg mechanical(like Yoshi’s right arm in creation mode) or demonically deformed (like Nightmare’s arm)

Q) Also add some belts to special equipment category.

R) Give to us ability to see our character in after-armor-break state

S) Give to us ability to select 3 (in addition to unbreakable-by-default) things unbreakable (cannot be special equipment) or make everything breakable (except underwear and socks that are unbreakable by default)

T) Weapon customization: take all the weapons from each game (including ones from SC3 that were for created/special characters only) and divide on parts to select each part separately for us to create our own weapon(for SC3 special weapons Barbarian’s (claymore discipline) weapons parts usable for both Siegfried and Nightmare, Kamikirimusi's weapons for Nightmare, Knight’s lances for Hilde, etc). Example of creation on sword users (Sieg,Night,Mitsu,Pat,etc): head, the hilt, Garda, blade, tip, special equipment (unadjustable, just a charm, pendant and such), ornament (two slots). Also pair weapons should be customized separately (eg: Serv’s swords, Aeon’s axes, sword and shield of Pyrrha, Pat, Sophitia), shield( if represented style have one) also should customizable as much as swords. Z.W.E.I.’s sword also should be customizable and E.I.N. too (just give some equipment to select for this spirit-wolf). And also add some sort of aura option for weapons (not necessary).

U) Also only Soulcalibur and Souledge must be selectable only as full weapons (but still there can be added aura to them) and can’t be recolored (but you still can change weapon’s trial).

V) More weapon trials like smoke, ice, coins, leafs, rainbow, electricity, darkness, light, neon, Double-Trial (Yin-Yang) etc

W)Also why weapon trial can’t be colored black or grey?

X) Pallets for hair

Y) Heterochromia option for eyes

Z) Glowing eyes option (also ability to make only one eye glow)

AA) 8 slots for stickers in total (without any separation on “big ones” and “normal”)

BB) Also adjustment meters should have number values for stickers. And we should be able to correct sticker’s length and width instead of just “size”. Also we should be able to use them on legs, full head (for bald and mummy characters) and on lower parts of clothes.

CC) Separate category – damage. Also 8 slots. It is consists of body-scars and clothing damage. (same rules of plasing as stickers)

DD) 25 symbols for character’s name

EE) Snapshot: Foreground and background should be adjustable. Frame as a separate category from foreground and background. We should be able to select different stage for snapshot. Lighting also should be a separate category. And wind option: select how strong it is and were relatively to the character it blows.

----------------------------------------------Buffs ‘n’ nerfs----------------------------------------

Overall great buff for Z.W.E.I

Buff Raphael and Hilde

Nerf Viola

Nerf Pyrrha’s 236B

And regular rebalance every game has

----------------------------------------------Something else---------------------------------------

Music from the previous games (DLC) at start. Maybe some great arenas from previous games as well. +"X" amount of slots for creation as DLC for those who want this. Give to us option to completely off analog sticks.
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Project Bokuho, the purpose was to make more or less complex wishlist. So i had taken some of the good ideas that was mentioned before and added something from myself (or tried to make some of previous more concrete) .
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