SCTier "Night Fights" - XBL and PSN Weekly Sets

How should we approach our content uploads?

  • 2-4 smaller sets a week

    Votes: 9 40.9%
  • 1-2 larger sets a week with specific dates for certain matches (1v1 Tuesdays, 2v2 Thursdays, etc..)

    Votes: 10 45.5%
  • Decide based on weekly feedback/requests

    Votes: 3 13.6%

  • Total voters


Holy Moly
Do we also do the same for PSN?

Nah, PSN doesn't work the same with the accounts. You aren't able to view friend lists and whatnot so there really isn't a point. It's easy enough to reach somebody on there anyway, so I'll continue to do things that way!


[10] Knight
If you guy's need player's I would be happy to test my Meddle vs better player's for educational purposes. It's kind of like a community service. At this point in time my ps3 is being repaired and I shoud have it back in the near furture, If you need me sooner I can play from another location. PSN of course for me. Let me know Partisan.


[09] Warrior
If it is intresting for you guys i can play ft5 with Edge for the record.

P.S. would like to see Koreans play ft5's, or maybe Koreans against Japan, or other Asians)

Hi there.

If you want to play some FT5, please give Partisan your schedules so he can organize the record !


Holy Moly
New set:

Going to be making a player pool for North American matches this week. If you are interested in participating, please PM (even if you have already) me in the following fashion:

XBL Gamertag:
Country/region (East coast, north west, etc...)

Thank you!

Party Wolf

Sup XBL players. I will be streaming SC Tier Night Fights to give people live entertainment while Partisan records @ Looking forward to streaming sets in the near future.