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Rose Violet Amy. A rose whose thorn....hurts....

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Design notes: I was inspired by Menat and Viola but I created a different animu result....

Dumped rest of pics here....
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I thought I'd try doing a new SoulCalibur III recreation, here's silent protagonist (not a Pokémon!) Amy:













Not entirely accurate, of course, lacking the longer material in the back of her dress, most apparently, and, I think it suits her better anyway, but showing less skin in the front, lacking the corset ties detail, there just wasn't really doing that here, not enough free sticker slots! I decided to steal an idea from my Kierkess recreation from a while back, utilizing the skull pattern to emulate Amy's skull jewelry, managing to get it on the choker ties and the front of the dress. Sadly, you can't sticker the bow extra equipment, not that I'd have had sticker slots anyway, but an attempt couldn't even be made for the back hanging skulls, oh well. Otherwise, I got all four of her roses by using extra equipment on the shoes and stickers on the sleeves, so I felt good about that, and I feel like I did about the best I could manage with the color gradients with her dress. I had to use some stickers to cover up the extra skulls, which had the unfortunate effect of killing some of the gradient and trim from the upper part of the dress, but there wasn't a lot that could be done about that. Overall, though, I'd call this a success.


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She wore an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny… oh, you know the rest!

Just something playful to celebrate the end of summer… although I wish the different parts of the Bikini and Pareo could have been colored separately; then again, it'd be nice if "underwear" were two, separate slots! I considered using the Triangle Bikini, but the pareo seemed to "put it all together":


I so love the potential with the "extra" equipment; I used the scroll to try and create the "ends" of the beachball where you'd fill it up with air.


Her "pirouette spin" intro was really useful in getting these screenshots.


Normally the ball's "held" in her right hand… the one she'll occasionally hold directly to her body and face.


Wait a minute… does she remind you of a certain "someone" from SoulCalibur V? Hmm…


The pink flower pattern on the Straw Hat felt appropriate.


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I was watching another player's matches on YouTube and was reminded that Amy's exposure to Soul Edge (via treating Raphael's wounds) had caused her to take on "vampiric" qualities in SoulCalibur IV… so, as a fan of Rosario+Vampire, why not redesign her schoolgirl outfit* to resemble Koko Shuzen?


Thankfully the Simple Top B exists to create that… undershirt? …with the cross design. I used the Western 14 pattern, remembering the stripes could be colored separately (I had used it in SoulCalibur V to turn Viola's "Cyclops" into a giant "8-Ball."


I've only ever read the manga, so I initially based the design on that; I didn't even realize Koko's skirt was a yellowish color until I looked up references online. (My eyesight's not the best, and the only lighting in my bedroom is a desk lamp and windows.)


This felt like such a great shot, especially with the moon in the background…


You can just barely make out the Demonic Horns in her mouth used for her "vampire fangs."


I saved this shot for obvious reasons; but, it would have been nice to have used the Bridal Shoes (they clash with the Thigh Highs).


Oh no! Amy's become "malfested!" (I almost deleted this until I noticed her eyes… seriously, what happened?!)

* EDIT: Oops! Turns out I never posted that version! Here you go: Image 1 | Image 2 | Image 3 | Image 4 | Image 5
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So awhile back Pinklars on Reddit dressed up Amy as Madeline… and I decided to do the same, albeit the blue dress/coat version instead of the yellow version. (Although, from my understanding, Madeline Fogg isn't actually French — she just attends a French boarding school.)


I made some additional alterations, such as using a pocket sticker (overlayed with square stickers) to give it more of an "overcoat" feel.


I also applied a white circle sticker upon the collar of the dress so that it would blend in more smoothly with the flight necktie.


Despite making half-a-dozen costumes for Amy I actually forgot she has a scar on her leg…


I don't know if you'd call this "resting ß!%¢# face," but Amy definitely looks like she's tired of your $#!%.