SCVI Hilde Edits


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This next one is one of my greatest prides. This was INSPIRED by, but not a direct recreation of, her SC4 2P costume. The part I'm most proud of is that I was always bothered by the fact that her boots were attached to her pants, and I'd rather be able to use them separately! So what I did was put a pattern on the pants part and colored it to look like fishnets. I then used stickers to give her underwear. So, I'm sorry to mar Hilde's modesty with the upskirt shot but honestly I had to show off my great work here lol. It really does look like boots on skin instead of boots over pants! Also I was stoked to use Amy's dress because no one ever uses Amy's dress unless they're making a character that looks like Amy lol.

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This is quite nice! I like it. Like a burleque version of her clasic outfit. Nice work.


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random Hilde costume because it's never not fun to make those