Summer Jam 9 Results


[10] Knight
1st: Xephukai (Pyrrha)

2nd: JJJ (Mitsu)

3rd: RuthlessxVoid (Alpha Pat)

4th: IRockTheMaxi(Maxi)

5th: Sandman (Viola / Siegfriend)

5th: NinjaGuy(Viola)

7th: Ringout (Yoshimitsu).

7th: HappyToki (Leixia)


Grats to the top 8. Props to Xephukai for taking it.

Complete results to come.
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I just want to take this time to personally thank:

- Everyone for the ass whoopings

- Xeph for riding with me on the way to McFatty's

- Sporko for agreeing with me all the time

- Aneudy for the can of Pepsi

- OmegaXCN for existing

PAYCE! See you's at NEC!