Tips vs Yoshimitsu?


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Can't seem to find anything unsafe that is actually used.
Having trouble hitting him out of his flying stuff too (need Sophie's 66B on regular Pyrrha).
22B goes right through his flying unblockable for some reason, though maybe I'm just shit.

I may just have to take up Yoshimitsu for a bit and find out what annoys him.

Perhaps I just need to learn to stab all his mixups asap before he can start spinning and confusing me.


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The Yoshi's I've fought tend to use 214A frequently. Leads to a potential ringout combo on hit.
It comes out pretty slow, so learn to block low on reaction and stab it


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Well basically all his lows are stab punishable, so there's that.

His main launcher (3B) is also stab punishable but its a 1 frame punish (-14) and if you miss you will be eating a big combo, and the blockstun is short so it can be hard to punish. Practice punishing this move.

6K/6KK (Forward spin kick move w/followup) are not a mixup, stab will interrupt the follow up every time and punish if he tries to block. This move is also high. (first hit).

His command grab (a break) can ring you out to Yoshi's back. Always break A if his back is to the edge.

DGF Stance is annoying if he goes into it on can't block the low on reaction but the mid is a little slower (but with the SDGF into unblockable option you cant wait around either) its essentially a big guess situation. The mid is safe unfortunately too. If he goes into it outside of Oki, bb is good.


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Okay I'm a Yoshimitsu player so I can tell you what I'm afraid of when fighting against Pyrrha. It's actually only a few moves, but Pyrrha only needs a few moves to win him (and pretty much anyone else) anyway:

1) 236B4 (OMFG I HATEHATEHATE this move! This is really a nightmare. Yoshi is quite unsafe)
My DGF K, FC 3K, 3B, 6K, 214A, CE are all unsafe and stab-punishable. Good Yoshis don't simply throw out 214A on neutral though, but you WILL see FC 3K a lot - spam 236B if you make a right guess and block, it should be instinctive. Also, whenever you see a Yoshi in stance in front of you waiting for you to wake up into his okizeme, 236B knocks him out of a lot of his nonsense if he hesitates a fraction.

2) 22K
Yoshi has a somewhat vertical game. Unless I guess a 22K when you step and throw out a 214A (TC) / FC 3K / 66A BE, I have trouble dealing with this move. It steps iMCF, BB, 2B, 3B, 4KB (my main verts) and is a very good pressure tool.

3) 22B
If I start to 214A (instant TC) your 22K, mix this up.

4) BB
Argh stop spacing me out! This knocks me out of stances too.

Here are the thing's you should be careful for against him:

1) iMCF (JF punch to the nuts)
This is a staple for any good Yoshi player and he will SPAM it. Don't ever, ever try to interrupt an iMCF because another one might be coming, it's i10, -3 on block, so higher level players will sometimes iMCF twice. It's a guaranteed 60+ damage on CH, or 40-120 damage if he uses any UB trap and you guess correctly/wrongly so watch out.

2) Frame traps: 4B, 22K, FLE [B ]
Apart from iMCF, these moves are from 0 to -2 on block so iMCF usually follows. So if you see any of these thrown out, just block and wait. Of course, if you continuously freeze up in front of these, I will throw out an FC 3K or a grab at some point, but that's a later story. Many online Yoshis absolutely love to 22K>CE.

6B / 2K / 3K are also nice setups into iMCF that some Yoshis use - although they are less safe than the above on block, an iMCF thrown after will interrupt most other moves other characters may throw out. Pyrrha is one exception. Observe what the Yoshi does by blocking these and waiting, if he throws out an iMCF the first time, mash 236B the next time you see this move coming. Being i14 it will beat out any IMCFs he might throw out.

3) GI and CE
In case you didn't know, his CE a low! At 110 damage and i15 (iirc), it is particularly dangerous as a whiff punish. Block and punish with 236B. Be careful if you're in the last round against him - because his BEs are pretty useless outside step-catching or combos, GI>CE is his best use of meter.

4) UB traps
If you run into a Yoshi who can a:B+K (JF parting thrust) after 3B, watch out for his UB deathcopter trap that he may throw after a:B+K. It will hit you if you do anything but play dead on the ground for 100+ total combo damage with the launch setup and 66A+B / 2[A+B]~66.

5) SDGF B (UB)
Now if you see a Yoshi going into Super Dragonfly, there's a high probability he will try this. It's very fast, so practice stepping it on reaction. He can mix this up with SDGF A, but unless you're near a ring edge, B is far more dangerous. If you're feeling dandy, just JG it as it comes down.

Other random stuff:
So high level players won't just throw this out, but please do not eat the last hit of the string if so, it's supposedly basic but I've seen that happening a lot lol. JG / step / block the last hit, and 236B.
-Flea hopping
If someone pulls out this stunt, GI-236B as he lands.
-MED A+B (aGI) : K : K
You won't often see this, but this is his aGI in Indian Stance (meditation) and works against all verts and most kicks. If it connects, backstep the UB that follows and 236B. Alternatively, if you time it right, you can backstep and 22BAK. Sidestepping would not stop the UB from hitting.
AA it on block (-14).
Yoshi's okizeme is his most powerful tool apart from his close-range pressure. Staying on the ground may be a better idea after he goes into his DGF shenanigans.

I probably can add more but it's early in the morning and I can't think of much right now but most importantly, remember to 236B when the opportunity presents itself. Block a move? 236B. IMO the matchup is slightly in Pyrrha's favor, but try to stay out of extremely close range where his iMCF game is at its most lethal, and step often. And 236B.

PS: Oh, and don't 66B BE at random. I can just 214A step the second hit for a 60 dmg combo. This applies to pretty much every other character as well, it's JG bait.

<edit>: wow I just realized this is a very old thread