Underrated Moves


[14] Master
After having gotten Aeon's style once while playing as Edgemaster, I decided it is my destiny to educate both Aeon players on his greatest moves that no one uses for some reason.
  • Mezentius Style Scale Brusher
    You probably shouldn't use this move because throwing is very dishonorable, but in the event where you absolutely need to win that Global Colosseo tournament, this is the perfect option, because it does a lot of damage and leads into a powerful Rolling Revenge/Rear Grudge Low Kick mixup. Unless they get up and attack, but no one should do that because it's cheap.
  • Sand Current
    For some reason this move never gets used, even though it's as good as any of the TV shows I watch on Netflix while playing Soulcalibur. When it lands you can go directly into Camilla Style Dune Riser and hit them with !!UNBLOCKABLE!! fireballs, which can't be avoided because they're unblockable.
  • ALL of Aeon's lightning attacks.
    Enough said. And last but definitely not least,
    What more do I even need to say? This move is so powerful it killed Kratos. It's best to use this outside of combos, preferably only after performing the customary Mezentius Style Scale Shuffle input. When it hits them (as it inevitably will) Aeon grows wings and launches a barrage of !!UNBLOCKABLE!! attacks. Clearly the power of this move is obvious. Unfortunately it does have a big problem in that you can't use it on the 2Player side, because :2::3::6::2::3::6: doesn't do anything there, which is why 1Player side is cheap.
So, does the Lizardpack have any diamonds in the rough they'd like to share? :^)


[10] Knight
Guys, I found a really interesting move. I you press :6::3::2::1::4::A+B+K:, you get some kind of aGI move that isn't even listed! I checked both his in-game move list and his frame data and neither of them had this hidden move. He sort of puts his axes up real quick and there's an aGI flash, similar to Cervy's aGI's. I thought Cervy was the only character in the game that had aGI's, but I guess not.

It costs meter (I guess it's a Brave Edge?), and seems to reflect both horizontals and verticals. Although he throws his axes in an upward motion, so it probably doesn't work on lows. Either way, we should keep an eye out for other unlisted moves like this.