Where are all of Taki's lows


[10] Knight
You cant pressure an opponent to well if they know majority of her pressure is mid/highs.

11A is gone
A+B can be blocked high
4 A+B is gone and SC AA 2 A+B can be blocked high
Even the A B 4A+B mixup on counter hit.

Im confused on the decision to do this and possibly put her a SCIV trash tier.


[13] Hero
In addition to lack of lows, PO throws are dead, not a mix up, as all PO throws, including SC PO 6A+G, can be broken with the same input: 5A_B_K.



[08] Mercenary
Why does A+B A interrupt not come out if i mash A+B? If i mash 6B+K B+K B+K B+K then 6B+K B K B comes out?

If there is no commando for A+B when you do the input shouldn't it do the commando for A then?