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[10] Knight
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:sc5sc: 7 Days:sc5sc:
Mains: Tira, Hilde
Secondaries: Ivy, Viola, Alpha Patroklos
Tertiaries: Xiba, Dampierre
is it wrong that I'm not even hype anymore?
:sc3set1:This is ridiculous, I'm getting replaced by a boy?!
:sc5pat1:Justice Justice Justice Justice!
:sc3set1:Wtf I think he aspires to be a judge or something?
:sc5pat1:Justice Justice Justice Justice!
:sc3set1:Fuck it! *Drops Iaido* I'm out!
:sc5pat1:Justice Justice Justice Justice!
:sc4amy1:Setsuka I told you this game was no good.
really i don't plain on changing my avatar but i see why it would confuse you though...
yeah. not trying to get on you or anything. thanks for changing though. it clears things up with me especially since i'm more of a "visual queue" type person.

but i think it'll help clear up any confusion anyone might have
Very plain, but it has my two favorite characters on a beach. If I knew more tricks, I'd beef this up. However, this will suffice.