You can learn what moves someone likes to do, what setups they like and certain other tendencies but defense and punish skills are greatly limited/skewed... unfortunately offline scene = a lot of lost revenue from jobs for people.
MKL, GOLD LOPEZ is innocent. What happened here is what IRM brought upon himself for repeatedly calling him trash for no reason. Me and Maxou are simply defending his honor.
The on-line mode represents nothing... It is not the tournament, it st there that we see the good players. And also the connection France vs US is not good.
Wait, so people post videos of matches played online between US and France and consider it indicative of anything?
Hard to argue you're better than someone when they pretty convincingly win three straight... though who's to know what happened off camera... plus online is effing garbage for measuring skill a lot of the time...
Oh hey, I've fought L0PEZ before. Didn't come across as notable to me... he certainly liked his 1K though, that's for sure.
If I wasn't lazy Jimbo, I would of edited you out of it.
TheFool is no fool, he is correct.
I believe it was recorded by GOLD Lopez. I think He's French, along with a-pat genius GOLD Shad
Why is your Calibur in French though?


Jul 22, 2014 at 9:36 AM
Posted by Alex.J
7 minutes ago - IRM:
Lopez is fucking garbage lets be real.

7 minutes ago - Maxou:
IRM you have no clue, you don't even know his level, and we don't even know yours

7 minutes ago - IRM:
i know his level

7 minutes ago - IRM:
and its in the dumpster.

6 minutes ago - Maxou:
Beside, there is a vid Lopez vs IRM, remember who wins hahaha

7 minutes ago - IRM:
Lopez fucking win sniped me and jim

7 minutes ago - Maxou:
hahaha the raaage
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