You people are fucking disgusting.
Do people like you troll everybody who is better than you are? lol, im done here - you gotta find someway to have fun huh wingedpirate?
Dude, stop sending me private messages on XBL how retarded are you? IDGAF about your girly facebook group. @WingedPirate

If you try any type of match with me - your going to die! horribly! eff off.
WingedPirate is on level 99 bitch tier so much that when he rage quits a match he pretends it's "trolling" to downplay how upset and bitter he actually is over losing. LOL!!
Thunderdome or git earuggought.
How about you just stop lol. Please I'm done you're waisting MY time.
You tell he is going 100% because he JG punished something with 2KB BE.
Here's a better idea, how about you stop playing this game. It's not like this is your first time RQing against me.
Sounds to me like you're a bitch. Lol please shut up and know when you get trolled.
you're your own rival? what?
Look WingedPirate, i got no respect for RQers. You already lost, this video shows so. What rage quitter has a right to challenge someone like me?
wingedpirate has agreed to thunderdome. do you accept his request vile death wave?
I was going 100%. Got super mad and rq. True story


May 14, 2014 at 5:08 PM
Posted by Vile_Death_Wave
A Wild Rage Quitting Pirate Appears. Scrub...
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