Algol KILLER COMBOS - Part 2: Ivy get rape apple

I still have my original soundtrack to KI. haha. I new it right when this vid started.
Please tell me thats all aircontrollable *whimper*...also where was the "ULTRA" echo sound effect effect on that final hit? Come on, that's what KI was all about "UUUUULTRA...ultra...ultra...ultraaaaa...."

Should i just say "DQ" at Evo 09 if an Algol does any sort of bubble juggle for being a potential infinite?
Doesn't Algol tire being on the end of "BANNED" rape stick?... well, maybe not as much as Yoda >.<
lol nice one amaury... the second last one looked the coolest... u should've finished it...
lol at the bubbles bouncing off the top of the church. btw, nice ending!

<3 good shit!


Feb 10, 2009 at 11:32 AM
Posted by Ooofmatic
1.03 - These combos work on IVY only.
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