I found this back in the first month of the game but didn't know you could react to it and get a punish.
Wow...very helpful..this always has caught me and now I know what to do...thx.
Yeah, try it out in training. I recorded 3 subtly different timings of 4B BE and had the dummy replay them randomly to make sure it can be evaded on reaction. Maximising your damage is the hard part since you wake up backturned.
So basically press G when you see the yellow flash and that will you an open window for a punish?
Good thing you showed this to me. Now I know how to deal with this.
Good find. This has happened to me before, but now I know why. It also seems like 4B BE will whiff if I'm just lying there and not rolling.
I have no idea, I can't see why you'd need it to since you can just block and punish iGDR
Does this work for iGDR too?
Hey, that's pretty interesting, this happened to me a couple times, and I'm like WTF o_o


Jul 23, 2014 at 10:44 AM
Posted by HolyCarp
Not sure if this has already been discovered, but I hate Cervy so thought I'd post it here anyway. Sorry for the awful quality...

You can avoid Cervy's 4B BE if you get up at just the right time. It's a little tricky, but you have to hit G as soon as you see the yellow flash. I've yet to try it out offline, so I'm not sure how practical it is just yet.

If you mess up the timing, you should still get up and block the attack anyway, so it's probably worth trying when you expect a 4B BE.
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