Love it , though im not a fan of voldo it looks cool :D.
you hit me with this shit u bastard
yeah. normal hit BS 3B, 66K sends them too far back for the tech trap to work.
I hope he's low tier in SC5.
It's my Malibu Beach Voldo costume. I could totally picture him wearing that to the beach. His cape is his beach towel. :P
OMG! That Voldo looks even creepier than normal.


Jan 22, 2011 at 5:05 PM
Posted by Enkindu
Hit the BS 66K after a CH 3B as early as possible. This will make them land close to you. Delay BS 22B about a frame or two for them to initiate a tech roll. Then finish the combo off with a 2A+B~236A+B. You've pretty much won the round here so feel free to do some Voldo taunts. Don't ring yourself out with the 2A+B~236A+B, Karl. less than 3
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