He seems like a less interesting version of Yun Seong?
They did say everybody from SC1-2 so he's more than likely to return.
Finally, somebody jumped on my bandwagon in bringing back Hwang.
I'm pretty sure they will bring him back.Hwang is more iconic than Yun-Seong.


Mar 2, 2018 at 9:27 PM
Posted by Heishiro92
Been at work making an arrangement of Hwang Seong-Gyeong's Soul Edge theme "Horangi Arirang". This is how I hype myself for SoulCalibur VI. But made a video and Hwang should be brought back. #BringBackHwang

Horangi Arirang composed originally by: Takayuki Aihara
Midi transposition by: Wilbert Roget II
Arranged and mixed by: Me
From: Soul Edge (1995)
By: Namco
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