Bryan (Lizardman) vs page (Rock)

poppin in to disagree, i don't think all justice sounds the same 8-)
Yo, I'm Khent. All of JUSTICE's songs sound the same.
Ha. Bent over this. Funny how you tried to turn this around trying to make me look like the bad guy here. It's cool though. I do thank you for the name of the song. That's really all I asked for. Since you had helped me out with name of the song, I thought I would help you by fixing your statement. That's when YOU got all sore and wanted to be sarcASStic and sht.

Oh and talk all you want about the group or any group you want. I don't care. That's not the part that bothered me.

OK. And NOW I'm done. Duece.
I don't see why you're getting so bent about me "insulting" musicians that you just found out about 3 days ago. It's not like I don't own that album or anything; I bought it on release and I've enjoyed it well enough. If you think I'm the first person to say all their songs sound the same, I'm not. You can be positive about it and say they have a signature sound, or you can get internet angry for no reason at all.
Thanks. SarcASStic ass, Next time don't put "All". And I'm done.
Congratulations! You've found one of the two songs on Cross that actually sounds different. Although, without the choir it may be just like all the rest.
That's JUSTICE. French duo. All their songs sound the same.
What's the jams name on the 2:30 minute mark? Sounds Tight!


Jul 12, 2009 at 7:12 PM
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