Cancel Backdash Recovery With GI JG

very interesting - catching ppl on backstep with CE mixups, is something that I and the ppl I play with do regularly - getting this down would be helpful - thx ^ - ^
GI first, then JG. You can see the input in the last clip of the video.
How do you do this? Do you have to GI and JG? or just GI?
This is useful in certain situations thanks for sharing.
well, homeland is now completely useless... <.<
It was Spider who came up with it. We were playing, it was a freak accident. He made this video

there was another video that came up from the Japanese shortly after. this isn't it, but it's quite relevant

when people were talking about backstep nerf, I saw that you couldn't guard, but you could cancel backstep into GI. I put two and two together and said "backstep GI-JG?" in the article but I left it hanging (I don't even do the Just Guard Ukemi thing).

Anyway, good lookin' out for new tech. Funny, that all this "exploitable" stuff is hard to do.
I actually didn't find it (think it was the Spider, a JP player or Drake who initially found out about it) but this application was my doing! =D

I've been trying it in matches online when I got caught by a CE or something when backdashing. Hasn't actually worked until I brought it to training mode, but I'm glad my suspicions were right.
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This is using that GI/JG thing you found? y u so smart?


Oct 25, 2012 at 7:08 PM
Posted by SCPartisan
More JG shenanigans.
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