In your character analysis you should go over TC, TJ, sidestep whiff punishing, backstep whiff punishing, step-catching, interrupts, fastest moves, longest range moves, block punishment, staple mids, lows, methods of covering options, how their "zoning" works, comment on step speeds for forward, back and side and their implications, maybe cite some frame data and mention how to stay safe, uninterruptable, or apply mixup pressure.

That's how I'd do it anyway. Whenever I think of how to play a character I think of those things. When I am teaching someone I try to limit their personal movelist into basics like one useful mid, low/throw, and step-catcher, then teach them their reverse mixup options (aGI, TC, TJ, 44B, TSS) and go-to interrupts.
1. Thanks I'll fix that.
2. There wasn't enough time in the video where I could fit you in without cutting the music, so I squeezed you in at the end and gave you some fire SFX
Good job, Spider.

Just a few things...
1. 6K is not 0 on block, its -11.
2. What's with the random quote of mine at the end of the video?
This was good. I don't use Tira that much but I recently did so I can be better with her in 5. Thanks again for posting this, I learned a lot.
I don´t play Tira at all, but this was pretty interesting and well presented regardless. Good work.


Aug 31, 2011 at 12:38 PM
Posted by Sp1d3r
This is an indepth look at Tira. Specifically her story line and fighting style. Thank you Krit for the character analysis graphic!
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