Created Souls 1 (Soul Calibur V- PS3)

That's an awesome creation of Bangoo.


Feb 3, 2012 at 2:24 AM
Posted by Thr33X
So here is my first foray into the Creation suite of Soul Calibur V.
As you have to unlock parts in the game as you level up, these are
characters I managed to create with the start-up selection and a few
unlocked bits. I'm doing orginal created characters, remakes of
past Soul Calibur characters-both the regular game and Chronicles
of the Sward from SC3, and characters from other games who would fit
into the SC universe, such Golden Axe, Dynasty & Samurai Warriors.

Here are the first set of many more to come. If anyone is interested
in formulas, you request for them and I'll post them here:
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