Yes and no.

You can stay still, but you have to be extra careful. The longer you stay still the more your opponent can "lock on" to you. If your opponent gets a lock, they can hit you at max range and probably surprise you when they hit you, which won't do much for your morale.

If your opponent is dancing for the sake of it and isn't really that good at spacing, you can just hit him when he comes in and stand still all you like.
Is it bad If I just say still and watch my opponent do that? ._.
Yeah, that makes sense. If you use someone like Leixia then dancing should be a requirement, but with Patroklos, the majority of my movement would just be holding 6 to create that 'in your face' spacing that most people would consider a socially unacceptable distance in real life.
That's true. The rhythm is irresistible, it beckons for your soul.

I don't dance too much, I'd rather 8-way-run. But, that's also because Pat's movement sucks...
I swear that after a while people forget that they're trying to create space and they start dancing just for the hell of it. Even good players seem to get caught by Cervy's 6B+K when they start their 46464646 dance.


Aug 30, 2012 at 8:13 AM
Posted by DrakeAldan
I've got a groove in my soul!

Spacing instructional writeup out now!

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