Destro (Nightmare) vs CurryRaisu (Pyrrha)

The last three videos I uploaded on my channel have me looking like a massive scrub haha
Hahaha, I just post the last 8 videos from when I play
Every video you post of me, I look like a massive scrub XD
Yeah... I seem to go autopilot and forget to do lows/throws and stabs
Also, aim to punish anything you can. NM's 3AA and 22B are unsafe and in this video, I believe they were used at close enough range for a stab punish. If they hit at tip range, CE punish should do the trick.
You can also see the standing B/WR B and WR A are scrweed up to be 236A and B's... (VERY rusty)
I know the JF stab timing, but I was very rusty when I played that day
Learn the timing for the JF stab, its quite a bit more damage.
Oh for feedback......use more 1K


Oct 22, 2012 at 11:13 AM
Posted by Chard

I need some analytical feedback
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