eLive.pro|Kayane (Leixia) VS Ivy on Soul Calibur V DEMO

LOL BBOY Is gonna be so happy, FC 3B replica
Wow what a cheap AI...hmm you can't block my hell sweep huh...goes on to spam 20 hellsweeps in a row.
So... The A.I. in SCV will actually be decent!? Thank God a shut in like me can actually get some practice outside of lame online... which isnt really "practice" at all.
lei's voice is so annoying.. -_-


Dec 1, 2011 at 10:01 AM
Posted by Malice
Here are some matches of me playing Leixia against the CPU as Ivy (very difficult mode).
The Soul Calibur V AI is EXCELLENT.

In this video, you can see a bit of the potential of Ivy by watching the computer playing him. The AI is very smart and rarely does random moves, so it's fun to play with it !

I had the chance to play this demo version at Namco Bandai Italy, I thank them a lot for allowing me to play the game !

I'm uploading more videos, because I could record a lot of them!

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