FenrisZero getting BEASTED! reqt! blownup!

Dude its Sunday. Hes prolly at church. So that will be his excuse
I swear I have cancer due to this.
Oh hey, I see my gamertag =D
Theres a point? Aside from your gay tendencies towards Fenris? Cause you have made that point....everytime you post one of these vids where you won 2 matches out of like 100000000. I get that same point
Dude...your infatuation with Fenris borders on the homo-erotic. You get raped and ridiculed everytime you play him but you just wont let it go. Seriously guy, either kiss the guy, or fuckin move on. Cuz your just being annoying
Why is this video called "TS420 Falls"?

You beat Fenris in some matches, I dont think you should act like you brought upon a struggling rebellion that usurped the throne of the Titan Squad Kingdom and restored faith to the people... or whatever.

You won some matches, leave it at that.
Ft5 Again? Let's Do It. I'm Sure You Can Beat Me At 9pm Central Saturday August 10th 2013. If Not I'm Sure You'll Find A Reason To Back Out.
But Fenris is my 8wayrun hero?


Aug 9, 2013 at 1:00 AM
Posted by Vile_Death_Wave
titansquad420's Fenris Zero getting blown up!
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