@Hawkeye Somehow it doesnt work on Natsu. Maybe because its magic, i dont know.
What about GI on Natsu CE? Or is the blockstun preventing that? Never tested it.
@IRM I don't think it's possible to JG her CE after initially blocking it. And if it is, then its extremely difficult to do so.

It is indeed common knowledge about multi-hit CE's, but I don't think many people know about Viola's, especially the difference that with Viola's it's not just after the first hit that it can be GI'd, but after the first several hits. If the CE whiffs you need to wait a little while before running in, and not just wait for the first hit to whiff.

Knowing about this can be a good way of getting in on Viola, because if she whiffs her CE and you run in to impact it, she will get the Guard Impact stun regardless of what she's doing, even if she's holding guard.
Its common knowledge about Sig and Yoshi's shit.
And what im trying to get at is for Viola couldn't you JG the 2nd hit then GI the 3rd. That is what im talking about.
im not talking about the ones making them whiff. im talking like ones like Tira,Maxi,Pyrrha,ect
It depends. For some like Pyrrha or Maxi the followups only come out when you block the initial hit. The blockstun would make it impossible to use GI however, so JG is a requirement. For others like Yoshi, Sieg or Viola, the followup hits come out always, so for them there is no need to JG. You could for example make them whiff the first hit and then GI, like Oof did in this video.
You have to JG before you can GI multi hit CEs
Now to drill this in my head. Study, study, study! xD
can all have the second and so on hits of their CE's GI'ed
@Hawkeye: The French have a ban on Viola? They're a bunch of nuts. First the SW characters in IV, then add Algol + Hilde. Seems, as if they don't like a character, said character gets the ban hammer.

I guess the GI nullification properties do not apply to multi-hit CE's
@ChaosK with Viola it doesn't seem like it's after the first hit, but after a few of them.
thought this was common knowledge ?
haha you dumb fucks, see viola isnt that bad
Its because you can GI all later hits of CEs. For example Yoshis, Siegs or Maxis. You just can never GI the first hit but after that you are good.
With all due respect Hawkeye :) They are right. Viola needs to get fucked with Soul Edge.
I have got to practise this.


Mar 12, 2013 at 9:03 PM
Posted by Ooofmatic
Apparently you can GI her CE in the later frames of the animation.
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