Got kicked out a lobby for this

What the heck is wrong with you? I didn't even poke fun at you that time. That wasn't directed at you. I didn't even say anything about you specifically. I was mocking the fact that there are so many losers out there that post ridiculous lobbies like "throw=get kicked". And bashing the guy for kicking you for doing a tech crouch just because he was salty his CE missed. You need to lighten up a bit. I praise you for this video. It was funny and great. I'd ask you what you thought I was saying to piss you off, but why bother? You're determined to take all my silly, lighthearted jokes and interpret them as vicious attacks. I knew exactly what happened; you got kicked because he didn't like your tech crouch. Whatever, again, lighten up.
@zaden,u act like u know what's going on, just from my uploads. The reason why I got kicked out the lobby was because he actually thought I was gonna get hit, but when I tech crouched, he was talking mad shit on his mic to his friends and thought I hacked the game. But that's besides the point, your really starting to become my enemy man. F ck off
Great idea for a lobby. "tech crouch=get kicked" Okay, terrible idea for a lobby, but that's the kind of thing you see online.
lol good games btw last night finallifeg, need to learn the mu :P
Tech crouch is pretty broken, man.


Feb 23, 2013 at 8:17 PM
Posted by FinalLifeG
And they were pretty players too. Lol, I supposably "hacked the game" they said. Lmao
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