Has Pyrrha's CE always had auto Gi, cause i'm confused !!!

Whoa...In all the time I've played SC5 I've never once seen this happen. Ever.
Thanks for sharing! :D
Yes but its virtually completely useless. Its active for maybe a frame? And when it does auto-gi something, it tends to just stop and not do the other 2 hits.
Nevermind i just realized you are right.
But normally when a char does an aGI it creates the green arc around the char itself - in this case however the green arc is created around the opponent
no, ChaosK, the direction indicates Pyrrha did the GI.

Pyrrha's aGI was on one of Aris's videos on avoidingthepuddle.com early on in the game's life.
Well the animation actually shows her doing a shield bash, which could translate to GI. The sword itself on the other hand, goes in a completely different direction and misses.
@ChaosK what doesnt make sense though is that it shows that pyrrha hit spongebob in the ribs lol.
I am pretty sure its dependent on the angle. When you look close at zwei, you can see that he is almost perpendicular towards her. I bet its there to safe her to some degree from whiffpunishment, without giving the move better tracking than it already has.
as much as i played thiss game, this is new to me. lbs
And i still dont know how this happens so random..
Wait, the direction of the green GI light would suggest that ZWEI was the one that GI'd her attack!?
Completely useless, but it's been there since the beginning.


Aug 9, 2012 at 8:46 PM
Posted by FinalLifeG
Ummm. . WTF . . (O.o)
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