Hilde "Mega Combo" (In Progress)

thx - ill just mix it up with regular C2B C2B
This combo i refer to as the RUNIS loop. It was found by runis like 8 monthes ago. It is escape'able. You have to keep doing AC forward till you go over hildes head and then only one hit of c2b will hit. Its does not hit all character consistently. I find it work on NM the best. Only afew reps of the loop is viable. AFter afew reps they can AC over year head. Better to go for pure c2b.
It's because she's a character that requires more work to be successful. The kind of character that requires more work to be effective is considered low tier.

And considering that there are what.. 3 maybe 4 reliable Hilde players, it would make sense that they would discuss things within themselves. And while she is not played much in tournaments, you don't get the situation where people are able to post and complain about how retarded she is.

Think about it. Find any one person who rages about Viola. Then ask them how to do the Viola set ups they are complaining about. You will soon find that they pretty much don't know what inputs they are being hit by. And usually, innovators of the open minded, technology based characters such as Viola usually see the set-ups as point of discussion, not contention.

I'm not sure what i'm trying to say here... I just kind of went off on one for some reason..
I get the impression that Hilde players are keeping these secrets to themselves - I'm quite surprised by the lack of content on Youtube for her.
^_^ - This is what I have in mind - 22/88B - C2B - BT~K - C2B - BT~K - C2B - BT~K - C2B - BT~K - 3B~BE - C2B - 3B~BE - C2B - BT~K - CE - 2K (close to or by wall - doesnt hit mid stage) - Im thinking this and many other variations are possible. I have done 6x C2B - BT~K loop and 7x C2B loop - I believe mixing in a combination of both with 3B~BE - C2B could lead to full damage non wall combos - further testing needed...
I believe that kick is legit. It's not been explored much though.
I dont think so......... If you can, it must be difficult because you adjust for your opponent A/Cing before releasing the charge.
Can't you easily aerial control that?
Good work man. Don't worry Hilde is far worth the effort. Keep it up! <3


Jul 29, 2013 at 3:15 PM
Posted by CaspianVII
Hi guys... As some of you know, I'm picking up Hilde (love the bitch) - been working on some combos... still not 100% with the C2B - 3B~BE stuff (which I intend to add to this and then end with a CE and dutty 2K ender) however I found this quite entertaining ............ Enjoy!
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