HoP Session 1 - Partisan (Cass) vs Vincent (Soph) FT5 Part 1

Have we played? I don't recall. I've been maining NM online for about a year now barely using Cass online at all, so if we did it must have been quite some time ago.
good stuff. Looks like Partisan got better since I last played him online. Vince you should TAS B at advantage more, discourage that 2B+K and AA at disadvantage. you were eating a lot of 6Bs too, you should be able to step (dont 8wr) after getting hit by one. Also realize her options are pretty limited at the range where 6B is used... Step or TC under that. Random 2K into reverse mixup seems like a bad idea too. 9B is better than 9K in this matchup.
I liked that 2K, 2K, RCC A+B Vincent


May 5, 2011 at 11:23 PM
Posted by SCPartisan
H.o.P Session #1 London Canada
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