HoP Session 1 - Partisan (Cass) vs Vincent (Soph) FT5 Part 2

Maaaan, only the victor can decide what COA is best. Plus, it's much more sensible to judge me when you actually play me. Judging by video misses out too many factors that you can't know in action. You better beat me in our MM at Dev with that attitude!
One day I'll play you guys... my cousins live in Toronto I'll definitely stop by if I ever visit

more critiquing...

-Don't be afraid of Cass's WS K, it's only +1 and you're full crouched, so your 2A will be a frame faster (i13) and you'll win or trade against an immediate attack. Mix with delayed TAS B, that hits everything else.
-Throwing out 66B at range seems like a bad idea. He kept stepping it
-1K is bad at low advantages... at higher advantages you might get a CH into a nice oki setup but at lower advantages you could get CH yourself and the best you get is handing him the advantage. If you're gonna use it like that, space it at the tip so you can backstep fast moves and CH slower ones. Just throw him. And 33K him if he's gonna duck when you get in his face like that.
I generally beat SilentWall. My thing is, I'll pretty much never win consistently against top tier characters. The only chance is to learn a secondary character to counter certain moves, but then naturally a secondary won't be as strong as a primary, anyway. I feel there are too many conditions needed to determine the best player in terms of skill, 'cause I consider myself better than OOF, too. That's just how FGS are, though. So I like to go with the flow of the community and make up my own mind. Best not to take results too literally because of how unbalanced FGs are. It's not like a board game or something.
It kinda like pokemon. I guess I would be water, Vince would be fire and Partisain would be leaf. But in my opinion the best I think right now is Silentwall, he has a very solid defense and he spaces quite well.

But in other news I am still the best
That would be interesting to see, I'd say give it a shot. As for the players, I'm most familiar with are you, Eli, Oofmatic, Vincent, Franman, Neorussell and of course D.I.N.O. Franman even registered on the polish SC forum and posted a few times :P haha
Hmmm It's kinda hard to say. There's a weird win/lose triangle between us: Eli can beat Vince as he has some trouble with Ivy, I can beat Eli but it's usually close (can go either way though) and Vince basically beats me for free as seen above. We are having a gathering with a possible 17 person turnout so we can actually do a ranking/tourney there to find out. I should also mention that we have a bunch of strong players in Toronto, so it might not even be one of us. You don't get to see them often as I'm the big recording junkie in these parts and don't have a chance to visit very often :P
So who is second best in Canada now? (assuming OOF is still the best) Vincent, Partisan or Eli?
...I have a cassy that looks very similar to that one ^.^


May 5, 2011 at 11:24 PM
Posted by SCPartisan
H.o.P Session #1 London Canada
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