Alexis you're an idiot that cost 1 whole bar of meter
NOT only is it a 1 in 10 Chance you are blowing 1 full bar of meter. it normally does 77 damage i guess you know its better than pre patch when the Clean hit version was 6 out of 10 Chance and did 120. lol dont bother responding. like i said before just another casual bitching about shit they know nothing about.
lol whats the point in arguing with a scrub lol they patched him. He was unbalanced and now he is its a 1 in 10 chance of it doing that much damage. its funny you say Maxi is unbalanced when he is Mid Teir but you know SCRUBS dont know what the fuck their talking about. Stay casual.
The truth of the matter is that it did do as much as Elysium's CE. Your next rebuttal was then an opinion that you tried to make seem as a fact. so I ignore that. and You aren't using the word "scrub" correctly in neither the literal sense or the slang version. lastly just because a character is unbalanced doesn't mean another cannot exist.
I seem to have offended you and I sincerely apologize.
haha obviously you didn't notice that that was DOUBLE CLEAN HIT. it is extremely rare that happens. Obviously if you did know what you were talking about you would know only SCRUBS think maxi is unbalanced. Clearly you haven't seen Cervantes damage..Cervy gets crazy damage for minimal effort. Go look at Cervantes and look at his combos,frames, and damage, then get back to me with a REAL argument. lol scrubs still thinkin maxi is op get real.
It's common knowledge that he is unbalanced and at 0:54 his brave edge does 90 which is how much Elysium's CE does. It's evident I do know what i'm talking about sir.
Clearly you dont know what you are talking about.
So many things overpowered about him and it's not going to change so i'm sad.... there is no reason for a brave edge to do as much as Elysium Critical Edge.
Glad you approve Sp1d3r
great vid man. much better!!
@TwiztidRaven Dont hate XD
Music made my ears bleed.
oh and AS AA BE is not +14 on block so dw about the move, you can guard it.
yeah xamnd is fuckin awesome.
Bounen no Xam'd is one of the best recent animes I have seen...
ok so I have a "bitch". The notations in training mode make it hard to read what it is you are trying to say during the video. Other than that its much much better! Great stuff yo!!

Now get a god damn ZWEI one effin NOW!!
@AnOnlineScrub took a little while lol
I'll watch when I get home from work


Dec 14, 2012 at 3:22 AM
Posted by IRM
sorry that i fucked up with that long ass video before. Here is a Abridged straight to the point punishment vid. Thanks for watching guys.
Songs used in order
Lost Memories- Boom Boom Satellites
Dive For You- Boom Boom Satellites

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