IRM vs ZeroEffect Online Set 2/2

Actually, if he did 66B+K on the ground, he may have died to crybaby afterwards anyway.
@hwang24 - At 8:19, maybe...? It wouldn't have killed since I wasn't gonna get up, lol. He was going for the normal wall combo, but I think Leixia falls out of Maxi's combos sometimes.

At 10:06, AA BE only fully connects after a stun.
Questions. ZeroEffect317. At 8:19, could Maxi have done a :6::6::B+K: for the combo ender for either a grounded hit or for a possibly forced blocked guard crush for him to really mess you up? If possibly so, good thing he didn't.
I was scratching my head at 10:06 when you did a CH :A::A::BE: and the fifth hit was blocked. ':/ Is that move on CH not supposed to have the last hit connect?
--Great matches
Some messed up combos but apart from that good matches!


May 3, 2017 at 7:05 PM
Posted by ZeroEffect317
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