IV Wind (Mitsu) vs Fenris Zero (Pyrrha)

If there is any comment worth liking, it's this one.
Hates I Was Playing With My Pubes. Impressed Now?
Neither player optimized their swag. 0/10 would not whiff.
P.S Signia I don't memorize every move pyrrha does that is capable of punish or not. hop off.
Fenris is physic about 4B, Lance.
I don't see why all mitsus don't just 1B and 22B and 4B their way to victory. So OP.
0:15 wrong side scrub
0:20 lol, 3A
0:29 could have blocked that instead of mashing 3B
0:33 no JF
0:37 that was ok I GUESS
1:12 dafuq you doin

not even spacing those 3Bs, that mitsu sucks for never punishing

2:45 fail punish
3:13 once again, block, lol
3:35 could have saved that guard crush for next round by CEing
4:30 fail, you even baited it and you still miss your punish
4:49 you can 236B him for free if MST B+K hits that close
6:42 dropping pyrrha combos....

ur bad
Fenris played so well, gratz to him.


Aug 12, 2013 at 11:13 PM
Posted by Party Wolf
August Online XBL Tournament Winners Round 2 8/12/13 Soulcalibur V

Music by Kabuto The Python
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