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Some of those are pretty nice.
Btw it might be worth noting, Ivy can air grab cervantes out of GDR
So, 6B8BE for a wall combo is the opp presents itself lol
Not bad, might be the first post you've put up, that wasnt trash ^^
I really hope that intro was done ironically, but something tells me it wasn't. :/
Pretty cool :D I've done some of those things XD The reactions some people give are priceless.
Some of those were pretty cool. Trash intro though.
I didn't know I could just go to training mode when I wanted to kill some scrubs.
Nice. I didn't like the first 25 seconds of bullshit though.


May 8, 2013 at 9:40 PM
Posted by IAdoreBunnies
Ever wondered just how hard Ivy could go on you noobs? Take notes.
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