Ivy iCS on Euro-IL Joystick

The best part is, it sounds like a kittey.
Sounds like a legit reason why you are not allowed to use Ivy with this pad To be honest, that is like minimal effort for a 85-95 DAM throw
Doesn't the bounce back make for many wrong inputs?
Lol, that joystick looks like its a toy or something
You won't see me using Ivy lol. I tried her, and she's a pain for me to learn.
This is hilarious. I wonder how long it'll be before someone tries to get this stick banned because they're salty about how much time they spent learning iCS.


Sep 17, 2012 at 3:54 PM
Posted by Enkindu
It's pretty damn easy to do on one of these things. I'm sure I could get the method down consistently if I put in the time.
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