You should have named it Holycarp vs RO episode 2 Kappa
Her fat ass saved her from falling off the edge. That thing always comes in handy.
Ivy put anti-gravity spell on then, duh.
This glitch happens with a few moves in the game like aPat's 22BA (it happened to Setsuka's 22A+B "wither and die" back in SCIV too) and regular Pat's sidegrab. Though in my experience, you usually slide at the ring edge and then eventually fall out rather than staying in the ring like I did here.

How her tits didn't weigh her down is beyond me.
Did you confirm it only happens with her??
LOL what??!! Omg.... seeing Alpha pat get rung out makes this video even more hilarious.. xD Ivy and those anit-ring out perk attachments!!


Aug 28, 2013 at 6:51 PM
Posted by HolyCarp
To see more of me defying physics and not getting rung out, check out Siegfried vs Air Control.
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