Kayane plays Leixia Soul Calibur V at Paris Games Week

I have to say, I have never been so entertained watching an SCV fight, and SCV fights are pretty damn entertaining. :D
I think Kayane had a leg-up on almost all her opponents because she actually used her meter. I saw next to zero meter usage from anyone else, even given obvious openings.
Although, no offense to any of the other players, I also think she had much better technique and execution than many of her opponents (given her X & SC experience)... so I bet that helped a little too. =P
so many questions....
Kayane, is that launch you're doing 1B or is it 3B? If it's 3B does 1B look alot different than 3B?
If it's 1B, is the 1B unsafe by itself, can the second hit be intercepted, can you hit confirm the first hit of it, and is the second hit of it unsafe on block?

Seems like that move could get extremely abusable and annoying, depending on your answers.
I don't think that the CE bar charging so fast is only for Leixia.
We can see Pyrrah and Patroklos can also do that often and also with a simple launcher, but if it charges less fast it's because I played Leixia very aggressive : Leixia is faster than them, and Pyrrah's and Patroklos' style is less aggressive.
And we know that the CE bar charges while you attack and defend.

So I guess that aggressive players with good defense definitely will have their CE bar charging very fast.
When I play Natsu, I also have the bar charging fast, but she can't CE after every launcher, Leixia does.
Seems Leixia will be good at using GI's seeing as how Kayane only used meter for CE combos, at times not even needing CE, and how Leixia is considered a slower character (or so I've heard)...
DManXIIX: Just like "dont get launched" in Tekken, even though it happens all the time?
Or "Just don't get hit by C3B" by Hilde. Or "Just don't get knocked down" against Amy?
That is not a tenable position as you are going to get hit by launchers in a fighting game.
No way! Even in SSF4, we can't use super moves this often!
Idle, I'd say the same but the damage off of a launcher to CE doesn't seem that threatening(at least in this build). It will just come down to avoiding the launchers when they've got the meter.
I knew the CE's we going to get annoying. Kayane used it at least 3 times every match. Something needs to be done ASAP!
I know Leixia's is Xianghua's daughter, but doesn't she look more like Chun-li o.o
This CE after normal hit launchers shit has got to stop- for every character.
is that a force block into advantage from that iFC3B combo she keeps doing? She seems to be able to pressure people like crazy with it.

Leixia's CE doesn't seem worth using with the low damage it does. Launching into a normal followup doesn't do much less damage, so that meter is probably better used for BE or GI.
I love that new kick at 2:19. Also that new follow up after 44B is sexy.
Scrubbing up with Leixia. Perfectly fine at this stage. I like that new 3B+K follow up and the Brave Edge version as well.


Oct 26, 2011 at 5:59 PM
Posted by SCPartisan
Here are some videos of me playing Leixia, Xianghua's daughter at Soul Calibur V in Paris Games Week.

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