Keev(Night) Vs Chris(Viola)

I finally get to see how much dmg NM's CE does and holy shit! It looks 90d.~ish... Looks like they both didn't get much time with thier characters, but at least Keev gets to play NM again... Can't wait to see what other Monster-Type characters are going to be reveiled...
Whoever played Nightmare could of done better. I can't what to get my hands on it. 24 hour training with Nightmare again ^^.
I see a lot of potential in Nightmare. His "Armor Burst" game is probably goin' to be ridiculous! Combine this with his new found speed, and his "You Better Fuckin' Run" unblockable CE, and he'll probably be a force to be reckoned with, in this game.
I guess Nightmare's CE is an unblockable because of the fact she was blocking AND that there seems to be a lot of time to escape before he actually hits.
I'm not understanding that at 1:57
The stun animation ended, and Viola was already blocking, and still got hit by his CE
GB into CE looks escapable


Oct 26, 2011 at 11:33 AM
Posted by SCPartisan
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