KOGA: 2009-JUL-12 GF Woahhzz VS Malek

There is always someone in the room that doesnt shut the fuck up, guess who lol.
@ wael3rd

Just because someone other than an American won a tournament doesn't give you the excuse to be an ethnocentric bastard... seriously, a win is a win. If you can't take losing like a man, go play some Nintendo games, like Mario Kart.
Best way to end a grand final :D
So the EVO 2K9 is a joke. Please guys note this ok?


Jul 17, 2009 at 6:51 PM
Posted by Jaxel
This video is from our July 12, 2009 Monthly Tournament. We were testing out some new equipment to record the room audio; so you may need to raise the volume a bit to hear it. If you can't understand what some people are saying, its because they are speaking French. If you want to get this video in high definition 720p, feel free to bring some blank media to one of our tournaments and I will gladly make some copies for you. We run tournaments all around the year, so please look us up if you are interested in attending. We are open to all new participants! This video brought to you by 8WayRun.com!
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