Krysis(Mitsi) VS Seahorse(cervy)

To the Cervy player

@0:05 you whiffed with 8A B. My guess is that you're attempting to do 8A B:B K. I wouldn't recommend that move if someone were to rush into you. I think 6A is your best choice though there are other options. Even if you whiff 6A you'll recover fast and in most cases you'll hardly get punished unless your pattern with 6A is obvious.

@0:47 you missed a wallsplat combo opportunity I tend to go with 2A B 4KK 66B and if you're lucky enough you may do the final blow with his BBB.

@1:00 you had frame advantage you could have press the attack instead you block.

General flow of your game:

-Be careful in the way you use GDR in cases I see the Mitsu player blocking that and punishing you for it.

-No use of bK. bK is a good move cuz it puts both players in a guessing situation. Most of the players I faced b4 were not aware that bK leaves them at 0 and after they block it they go for a powerful slow move.

-Step and space more, encourage your opponent to whiff and punish with iGDR.

-I don't see you using any command throws at all, it puts the person at 70dmg. After the grab you can either do a low kick or 3B.

-Mix in your lows especially with 1K cuz on hit you can continue with 6K most of the opponents I face don't know the advantage 1K gives Cervy. If the opponent is scared what to do next the only option is to block leaving you 2 other options. Another low kick and grab especially the command grab.

Thank you for posting the vids I would especially recommend you also post your vids in this thread


Sep 24, 2009 at 6:09 AM
Posted by Shin-Mitsi
Another fight between me and my homeboi. Looking for comments, tips, information or a good fight. Thanks and peace
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