I like how they added Legendary Souls & I wish they kept Chronicle of The Sword from SC3 but a new story to it. Anyways, I find Legendary Souls a great mode & a perfect warm-up before I go online. However, I also find it very uncompetitive when looking at the leaderboards on Legendary Souls. I wish there were no ring outs in Legendary Souls, that way I would of been one of the top 10 for sure.

If you passed Legendary Souls in under 6:50 then you definately threw your opponet out once. With ring outs in the way, LS could have been competitive. If they didnt want to get rid of ring outs, then it probably would of been great if they added a grading system to Legendary Souls. If you did not ring out once, it would be an "S grade" or somethin.

Other than all that competitive stuff, I find Legendary Souls great to play. I wish they could make more modes & hopefully not get rid of any characters this time. Miss Seung Mina.... -.-
Scrub. Get under 9 min like the rest of us.
Elysium is a bitch in this mode. Non stop DNS B:4 and 22A CEs all day. It took 28 fucking minutes to beat her on my first playthrough. I got past her in a minute and a few seconds on my second attempt. Overkilling her was so damn satisfying.
3:35 lolllll u sounded pissed
I find the LS A.I. to be pretty easy to condition. They also fall for many a slow-ass low. Raphael just rips through them all but aPat, and that fight is still predictable enough to spam his auto-evade and auto-GI (4A+B)
  • JustinAkatsuki

The LS rage! I get rage too....hate edgemaster...always beats me in the final round :/


Sep 6, 2012 at 1:35 PM
Posted by IRM
hey guys IRM here and im just doing a runtrough of Legendary souls. Let me tell you this has to be the most frustratingly stupid mode in all of SC history. It is a Series of Matches between the most popular Heroes/Villains of SC
Starting from Killik my second favorite character in all of SC all the way to Algol and his disgusting Crotch shots during his CE. on the hardest difficulty. Hope you enjoy my Salty playthrough. and Stick Around because Soul Blade is up next Stay Froasty Everyone.
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